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Construction & manufacturing applications

We enable smart construction sites and warehouses using smart cameras, computer vision and machine learning, and advanced analytics

Track your progress, compliance and mitigate risks

How it works

Use cameras or even your phone to capture daily progress, check for quality assurance, compliance and safety, all in one database.

What you get - Unique to Neurobotx

+ Personalized site analysis with our cameras

+Customized UI to track your processes

+Personalized plan for robotic autonomy based on YOUR DATA

Social distancy and safety tracking

Tracks when workers are less than 1.5m from each other or enter unsafe areas

What you get

Send audio messages anytime there is a safety issues

Help your employees get back to work faster

Social Distancing and Safety

Upload your data
right here, right now,
with your own data

Know more
about how you can make the most of NeurobotX


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