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Neurobotx launches Metapilot!

After 3 years of intense work, Neurobotx has finally launched its first product, called Metapilot. Metapilot is an XR platform that allows users to experience the latest airtaxi models - and it's addictive.

But make no mistake - Metapilot is not just an awesome game that makes you feel like Maverick from Top Gun in that cool dogfight scene - it is the first neuromorphic, cognitive platform that connects the real and and the utopian. None of this would have been possible without the amazing developer team at neurobotx, who have achieved the impossible.

We are extremely happy and humbled by the outcome - within only 5 days and 3 summits later, our database is full of data, mostly generated by VCs and partners :) Not only has the IP value of neurobotx and our partners grown exponentially in 3 days, but given the rising costs of cloud computing storage and the huge carbon footprint, we are now in a very good position to invest more in our neuromorphic backed to process all of this.

As a Boeing portfolio company, we are in a unique position to build the metaverse for aerospace and mobility, and in doing so generate the data needed by regulators, investors and future clients. More importantly, to me at least, we are recovering the JOY and awe in scientific discovery and technological training. And we are giving everyone a chance to be part of it, and feel equal part hero and equal parts engineer.

The neurobotx experience is different from anything else on the market. It will include haptics, biometrics, and all the measurements needed to generate a true ecosystem of pilots. This is also why the neurobotx team is mostly comprised of MSc and Phd candidates that have an equal interest in machine learning, simulation, neuroscience and AI AND aviation.

For example, Rohin here is interning with neurobotx as a software engineer. With a MEng in Aeronautical Engineering at Imperial College London, Rohin is demoing the product to people while helping build the neuromorphic backend. In his 'spare' time he is also teaching mathematics, working on new rocket separation systems, and doing all sorts of things for neurobotx from fixing our simulation console to describing Metapilot to corporate stakeholders. While Rohin may sound extraordinary, he actually sets the norm at neurobotx. The way the neurobotx team works allows neurobotx to expand into research labs, and build a new generation of metapilots.

What do we mean by generation of Metapilots? Imagine a future where these simulations are completely decentralized, and billions of people have the opportunity to expand on their skills in every direction they want. Coupled with the blockchain, we are looking at billions of hours of training data to help bring these emerging airtaxis faster to market. Neurobotx is already expanding its partnership program to include most EVTOL companies now on the market. Now, for the neuromorphic backend. Intel VP estimates a 1000x increase in computational power in order to power metaverse-related applications. We at neurobotx, as well as all of our partners, have quickly gone from not having enough data to having our databases full within a few days, and now we need to account for our storage, which is extremely expensive both on the cloud as well as in data centers. The solution then is to process this data in an intelligent manner, a bit more like the brain. The human eye does not perceive pixels. Instead, it perceives reference points, and within the references system it creates a notion of time, velocity, speed, orientations, directions, and edges of obects of interest. Scaling down on the visual data then allows the brain to make much more complex computations, a bit like how you are now reading about brain-inspired technologies used on a metaverse to help power an autonomous robotic future. What is even more extraordinary, is you're currently using less energy than a light bulb. It's time we now apply these same principles to data processing. In short, there are 2 major issues in AI(warning some scientists may find this oversimplifying, and I welcome logically sound counterarguments)

  1. There isn't enough data to bring these emerging EVTOLs/airtaxis/flying cars to the market (regulatory, investment, governmental clients).

  2. We can simulate that data pretty accurately, and get billions of hours of training. But now we have another problem:


This is a good time to understand that our brains would never store every single pixel of video data in our lives because if we did we never would have survived not evolved for so long. And this is where neurobotx excels - we are not a bunch of MIT dropouts that studied some engineering and secured some VC funding. We are a team of NEUROROBOTICS EXPERTS and world leaders in the neuroscience, AI and robotics fields. We have a total of over 5 decades of industry and VC knowledge and have collectively built and scaled dozens of unicorns. We know how the brain works because we have worked with brains, simulated brains, and successfully brought working products into scaling industrial projects for decades. Importantly, the leadership team at neurobotx is professorship level in neuroscience, AI and robotics, and not undergraduate level. In deep tech, in neuroscience, knowing neuroanatomy and how the brain actually works is MANDATORY. Doing neuromorphic computing without having a relevant degree and deep knowledge of neuroanatomy is not cool, it is not keeping it real, it is plain wrong and it is what got us into a situation with not enough data to bring new technology to market and not enough resources to store it. You wouldn't let an IT undergrad insert an implant into your brain right? So don't trust these same people as they talk about the 'prefrontal cortex' without ever having seen or studied it. It's time the experts take the lead again, and we start building great products again. Brilliance, knowledge, hard work and talent are celebrated at neurobotx and we are actively looking for new members.

So do you think you have what it takes to become a METAPILOT? If you, like us, are excited about a utopic future then here is how you can join the metapilot program.

First, you can go to our website and have a look! Next, you can go to the same website at the 'Become a Metapilot' tab!!

Here is a little glimpse of the game. Just download it, press the Metapilot.exe and start flying your airtaxi around, and make sure you follow the arrow, pick up and drop off your airtaxi clients Uber-style. If you do well, you might even get a tip. Enjoy!

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