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Smart Cities

AI for solar-as-a-service (Saas)

How it works

Using our proprietary algorithm, we can estimate your profits per sqm for solar energy, and compare it with all other options. This will allow you to invest in clean energy while making a passive income, with a minimal investment.

Solar Energy

What you get

Our app will take care of your funding application and buildup of your very own solar park and an estimation of your yearly profits, compared to a real estate investment on the same surface.

Green Energy
-from waste to liquid hydrogen

How it works

Our AI estimates your costs for implementing a working system for transforming toxic waste for your residential project/city into liquid hydrogen. Our unique patented technology uses plasma which does not release toxic gases from waste into the air.

What you get

Full package estimating your costs for generating liquid hydrogen out of waste and the estimated savings.

Garbage Factory

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