A TEAM OF TRULY STELLAR SCIENTISTS, CORPORATES AND INVESTORS. The Neurobotx team includes the top neurophysiologists, computer vision and robotics experts in the world. Together we have 7 professorships, and about a few centuries of AGI research and company building experience, coming from Boeing, BMW, Facebook, IBM, Google and other major corporations. The VCs backing us have scaled hundreds of companies and turned several dozens into unicorns.  

THE NEUROBOTX MISSION. We strongly believe that removing the blockers for automation and AGI using insights from the brain is the single and most important challenge humanity has ever faced, and emulating the brain will take human existence beyond what we are now able to conceive in this universe and beyond. If you want to change the world with us, send us a message.

WE DARE TO BE DIFFERENT. We believe that extraordinary people generate extraordinary ideas together. That's why our core and entire team is truly diverse on gender,  age, race, nationality, perspectives and neurodiversity.


WE GET NERDY. JOIN US! Follow our resources page to be part of the NEUROBOTX community.


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