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Apply now for the neurobotx EVTOL partnership program



  • Join Boeing, GKN, Urban Aeronautics, LuftCar and many others to build the future of Air Mobility

  • Gain access to hundreds of relevant VCs, angels and clients in the neurobotx network

  • Train your AI with human pilot data, and speed up regulatory approval with a customized report from neurobotx.

What you get

  • A digital twin of your EVTOL

  • Free PR & Digital Marketing session


  • Upgraded AI pilot

  • A fully customized report for your autonomous vehicle for your stakeholders.

Apply for the neurobotx

F6S EVTOL Accelerator


Do you work for a startup building the next best eVTOL, airtaxi, flying car, drone, supercar, vertiport or (aero)mobility solution? We got you covered.


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