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What is Metapilot?

Metapilot is the Top Gear for flying cars. As the best VR flight simulator on the market, backed by Boeing and top airtaxi companies, Metapilot is more than just a game. It is your launching pad to become an ambassador and future airtaxi pilot.

Using the latest graphics and AI technology, the AI coach in Metapilot will guide you through a race in the real copy of the planet.

By racing in Metapilot, you can earn coins and use them to buy new airtaxi models, skins, environments and unlock perks like tournament and real event tickets, back your favorite airtaxis and earn a chance to fly in a real airtaxi.

How it works.

First, download Metapilot and start playing.

Played it. What next?


Metapilot is more than just a game.

It's an AI based racing game where you race REAL AIRTAXI MODELS before they come out.


Win the races, join our social media channels, share content on our channels and become a METAPILOT AMBASSADOR. In time you'll get perks and tokens which convert to shares, tickets to Metapilot VIP events, and even tickets to the Metapilot Academy, where you can become a certified airtaxi pilot.

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