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Neurobotx automotive solutions

Get towards level 5 autonomy using neuromorphic technology

Optimized detection, extract only useful pixels

How it works

Use our neuromorphic platform to build reduce errors and push towards full autonomy using state-of-the-art AI for computer vision and robotics.
Use our neuromorphic+RGB car detection system for over 90% accuracy while while perceiving only 10% of pixels in every frame.

No other technology in the world can do this.


What you get

Get rid of expensive sensors like LIDARs and petabytes of cloud data

Traffic light detection is still below 100%

Using our neuromorphic platform, we can avoid deadly accidents during autopilot

What you get

Try out our platform to see how to get 100% accuracy without using LIDAR and expensive cloud computing

Intelligent traffic light detection

Test our platform with your first 1000 images
right here, right now,
with your own data

Know more
about how you can make the most of NeurobotX

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